Big Agnes Tents

Big Agnes certainly know the way to do tents. They truly have an exceptional and varied variety of tents accessible. Included in these are:

Foundation/Car Camping

Pretty much self explanatory. The ultralight range is Big Agnes lightest weighing tents to date. Fabrics and fabrics are lighter than ever used before in the Big Agnes variety.

The ultralight chain consist of three types – Copper Spur (price range $349 – $500), Fly Creek ($300 – $500) and Three Wire Bivy ($300).

The Big Agnes ultralight tents are perfect for backpackers who do not desire to be weighed down by heavy tents. Ultralight tents are easy to setup, you will have it erected in no time.

Fly Creek tents and copper Spur are waterproof and may be used for three seasons.


Big Agnes Superlight tents are a step up from your ultralight range. There are chiefly three styles obtainable in the superlight string.

The Emerald Mountain series caters for three seasons with an a impressive waterproof coating. This tent is perfect for backpackers. It may as heavy as the ultralight but it’s little more permanent and bit better quality in our opinion.

The great aspect about the Seedhouse series is the excellent ventilation system made possible by the tents net body.

Seedhouse colour is Titanium Green giving it a contemporary look that is sleek. We at adore the Seedhouse collection.

The Slide Mountain is an impressive looking ordered tent. This tent also offers exceptional venting. Its ample size that was clear has hit the price up.

We urge the Seedhouse chain for the great value.


The backpacking range is specifically targeted towards them although the Superlight and Ultralight tents are a lot more than useful for backpackers. these include: Gore Pass (cost ranges from $280 – $340), Hager House ($300), Lynx Pass ($200 – $300), Salt Creek ($350) and Seedhouse ($190 -$270).

The Lynx Pass and Hager House series are reasonably new to the market, hence we haven’t had chance to examine and review them yet. Judging by description and the appearance of the tents they seem just as capable as another superb backpacking tents available from Big Agnes.

All backpacking tents can house over 4 people. The weight is over 4lbs.

Of course the backpacking tents are lightweight and perfect. They are free standing and also cater to three seasons.

The Gore Pass comes in a cream that is rusty that is classy.

We at tents for camping are rather partial to the Salt Creek backpacking tent. Not only is the colour is a stunning white finish, but the truly unique feature here is that it’s fully recycled, amazing when you see the tents and inspect its quality.


Both of these tents are extremely similar in parts and look it’s a wonder that there’s a $200 difference in cost. This is the chief reason we might go with the String Ridge in the place of Royal Flush.

It is possible to fit 2 – 3 people indoors.

Big Agnes tents are offered to buy on their website.

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